Late Shri (Dr.) S.L. Batra

Founder Director

Bharti Public School

1.9.1939 – 3.12.2010


Dr. S.L. Batra, a true educator with simplicity as his hallmark, is no more with us. He was a dreamer with a vision. His dream – affordable quality education for all. A self-made man, he carved out a niche for himself in the field of education in a very short span through hard work. The road to success was strewn with obstacles. He faced them all with his trademark steely grit & determination. His passion for work was iconic. Even severe illness and long periods of hospitalisation could not bog him down. He would spring back each time with a more infectious zest for life and greater commitment to work. Never the one to compromise with his core values of honesty and integrity, his quest for perfection was iconic. A Samaritan, his philanthropic ways had people flocking to him for advice and help. And … no one ever returned empty handed.


Dr. Batra was instrumental in bringing up the the Bharti Group of Schools from scratch to this prestigious state. Dr. Batra's leadership at the Bharti Public Group of Schools will be sorely missed. His lofty ideals will, forever, be a source of strength and inspiration for all of us and guide us in all our endeavours.


We wish his soul peace in the abode of heaven.






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