Teaching Methodology


Primary Education (class I to V)

During Primary School, students gain a host of information about basic skills and the world surrounds them. To effectively teach children of this age who are often bursting with energy, we involve them in activities that not only engage, entertain and capture their attention but also incorporate the fundamentals of education. The whole curriculum lays emphasis on the overall development of the children-

  1. Various technology aids are used to supplement class teaching.
  2. Group activities, Project works encourage mass participation.
  3. Newspaper activities like pasting of important articles, picture comprehension, puzzles, and crosswords are also done.
  4. Activities such as, Poem recitation, Role play, Fancy Dress are conducted. Stories are dramatized with expressions.
  5. Educational Trips, excursions make learning fun.
  6. All the national and religious festivals are celebrated to imbibe the values among the students and to make them aware of their culture.
  7. To make them physically fit diverse physical activities like Karate, skating, Races, football etc are held regularly.
  8. To strike a balance between the cocooned world of ‘home’ and ‘school’ and the competitive world outside, and to strengthen the value system, the school has included a book “EDUCATION IN LIFE SKILLS” in the school curriculum. In this the life skills are imparted through story telling.


Secondary and Sr. Secondary

Education imparted in the Secondary and Sr. Secondary Sections integrates Information Technology, nurtures creative and independent thinking .The teaching methodology is “learner-centered” nurturing the Academic Excellence and Multi-Intelligences.

  • Besides developing all the four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, methodologies are used to train the children to be able to analyse, interpret and imbibe the life-skills. Great emphasis is laid on the development of communication skills and overall development of a child’s personality.
  • Project works, Group Discussions and varied other activities relevant to Science and other subjects are planned to provide social understanding, spirit of enquiry and scientific acumen. Children also enjoy executing the ideas in a group, thus building team spirit
  • Ample of opportunities are provided for self expression in the form of music, dance and fine arts. 
  • Teachers utilize newspaper as an effective tool for their day to day teaching. Reading, comprehension exercises, G.K., note making etc. are some of the many exercises which can be taken up with the newspapers as each child is equipped with her own copy of newspaper in the classroom.
  • Sports have been integrated into the teaching process. It helps the child’s body systems grow stronger and healthier. It also facilitates them to learn to manage stress in a disciplined way because on the field of play there are rules, and not obeying them during play time can cost you or your team the game. It also assists in building self confidence, cooperation, communication and sportsmanship. They also get to strengthen friendships and being on a team gives them a feeling of worthiness.
  • Human and Social values are also inculcated amongst the students through ‘Words of Wisdom’ spoken by the Principal and teachers in the assembly. The same is done by enacting moral stories; one-act plays and projects highlighting importance of moral and ethical values undertaken in the class.

Secondary Level (Class IX – X)

  • We believe that Learning must be paced so that it allows learners to engage with concepts and deepen understanding, rather than remembering only to forget after exams. Keeping this in mind a Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation introduced by CBSE for class IX & X is being followed
  • The Life Skills - Thinking Skills, Social Skills, Emotional skills are being evaluated with the help of various tools and techniques.

Senior Secondary Level (Class XI  to Class XII)

  • Science , Commerce & Humanities are among the main academic streams 
  • Various combinations of subjects are offered so that students can pursue their desired courses of study later in life 
  • An equal stress is laid on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus and on preparing the students for the various  competitive entrance examinations 
  • Special Remedial classes(tutorial groups) take place on Saturdays’ to clear the doubts & guide the student.
  • Students have complete access to the various laboratories and library resources, specially designed for the study and research requirements of the senior level students 




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