Our Vision


Bharti Public School was setup in 1980 to provide quality education to school going children. This was at a time and age when India was embarking on a growth journey.


In the last 30 years, the environment in which the school has been functioning has gone through many positive changes. The school grew continuously both organically and in terms of its physical size. The school can now boast of a full fledged infrastructure that is now requisite for a Senior Secondary institution.


At this juncture, the school continues to realise its vision and goals, as it had set them at the time of its establishment. Further, it is now time for the school to revisit its deeper philosophies and re-align itself in the context of the current environment.


In the present scenario the school’s underlying motto has emerged to be excellence in quality of education through individual and personal attention on each child. It is this deep relationship between the teacher and the child that we envisage as the harbinger of our growth.