Our New Identity


The design philosophy of the new identity is derived from the greek symbol for Infinite, a traditional concept that finds its mention in the Isha Upanishad of the Yajurveda of 3rd-4th Century BC. The form used in the logo is derived from the Latin word lemniscus meaning ribbon. The form itself is called Lemniscate. This form of Infinity is widely familiar to all, but a particular graphic treatment has been arrived at here to represent the idea of the School. This treatment has been brought about by three principal design elements viz. the logo, the colour scheme and the type style (fonts).


Simplicity of the visual form and imagery here will make it easy to recognize and recall by all age groups of children in the school as well as their parents and other people that come in contact with this identity system.


That ‘Knowledge is Power’, an invocation used in our earlier identity system, is now heavily reinforced in the new one, not literally so, but in all its spirit of unbounded knowledge.


The new Identity stands for and connotes the following:

  • Unfolding the infinite potential in the child
  • Dynamism in methods of teaching and pedagogy
  • Endless or Unbounded Universe of Knowledge
  • Interaction between the teacher and the child

The opening invocation of the Isha Upanishad says “If you remove a part from infinity or add a part to infinity, still what remains is infinity”.


The new Identity reverberates our key values: Learn, Explore and Interact.


BPS thanks Jyotish Sonowal (Identity System), Ruthuraje Yadav (Animation Film) and Nandini (Illustrations) from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad for ideating and conceptualizing this project.


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