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Bharti Public School has constantly endeavored to integrate technology changes into the education system. In these times technology enabled learning can prove to be immensely useful for both students and their parents. We call these teacher driven websites as "e-Classrooms", where each teacher is given a free-hand on website development and can bring the atmosphere of the class to the virtual world as well.


The e-Classrooms serve as a meeting point for teachers, students and parents alike and keep everyone abreast of latest happenings in the real life classroom in the form of Daily Assignments, Activity Photographs, Information and Announcements and other happenings. Efforts are currently underway to involve students in the development of these websites, and thereby imparting them a life skill that they can use anywhere else.


Currently, the e-classrooms are being developed for each class in the school and some of them are available here. School students and parents can access their respective classrooms by clicking on the link below. Students will be allotted their personalized BPS Web accounts. For those who wish to sign up early, write to info.sv@bps.edu.in


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