The motto ‘Knowledge is power’ is the pivot around which education is organised at Bharti Public School. The school empowers students with knowledge, to develop in them a positive approach to life and equips them with self-confidence, honesty and sincerity to face and overcome the challenges of life with dignity. The school follows a multi-pronged approach to teaching, supplementing conventional classroom teaching with activities that arouse curiosity, encourage reflection and strengthen team spirit.


The school is affiliated to the CBSE under the 10+2 scheme of education. It organises learning experiences for its students in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science/Environmental Studies and Social Science up to class X. The performance of the students is assessed through Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), as advocated by CBSE. Such an evaluation has visibly reduced the pressure of studies in children and has transformed learning into an enjoyable experience for them.


The school offers two streams namely, Science and Commerce, for the students of classes XI and XII. Within each stream, there is an array of subjects for the students to choose from. As students study subjects of their liking, studies are never perceived as burden. Instead, they are viewed as tools that facilitate the climb up the ladder of success.


The school’s integrated approach to learning has seen its students grow up to be responsible global citizens, contributing constructively to the world around.


Please find the recommended book list for the session 2018-19 here.

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